About Josie


Josie Pittiglio-Vivona is a mother of five children. She has a specialist in special education and has been a teacher for over 25 years. She believes educating ourselves on how to empower our children is critical. She provides simple and practical strategies that can help our children have greater success emotionally, socially and intellectually. She is involved in seminars for schools, churches, business' and non-profit organizations.

About the Book


This book is for everyone who wants a better life for their children and wants them to reach their potential regardless of financial, social, cultural or religious differences. 

PARENTS MAKE A DIFFERENCE will empower parents with simple strategies to help themselves and their children with different types of struggles (dealing with stress and fears, setting goals, having stronger relationships, living with more appreciation  and excitement about life).Josie has channeled her struggles into inspiration and empowerment for all.